In May a group of Canadians started a Friendship exchange with Croatia after spending 11 days with local host families in the European country.  They were treated to the local food and culture and had a great experience.

A Rotary Friendship Exchange is one of the many elements of being a member of the Rotary club.  It allows the member to experience different cultures and build international friendships through Rotary.
Friendship Exchange is an international exchange program for Rotary members and friends that allows participants to take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs.  Among the benefits are a greater understanding of international issues; exploring jobs of similar scope in a different geography and to promote world peace through the building of enduring friendships.

Friendship Exchange participants travel as individuals, couples, families, or groups, and may include Rotary members and non-members. Exchanges offer unique chances for cultural immersion and interchange. They might include opportunities for professionals, including young professionals, to build global understanding and boost vocational and leadership skills. They can provide cultural experiences, vocational activities, fellowship, and much more.
On June 11 the group from Croatia will be visiting Canada and the US, specifically Ontario and Michigan, on their way to the Rotary international convention being held in Toronto this year.  The group will be hosted locally by the Rotary club of Sarnia and will enjoy a cruise on the Duc d’Orleans II.  The visitors will join an estimated 24,000 attendees at the Rotary convention June 24-27.
The Rotary Club of Sarnia is supported through the activities of more than 55 members, who are local business and organization leaders representing a variety of vocations.  Rotary Sarnia maintains an active program, focusing on special needs children, youth leadership development, community betterment, and vocational ethics, as well as international peace, aid and development. The Rotary Club of Sarnia meets every Tuesday at the Dante club.
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