The Rotary Club of Sarnia, the Rotary Club of Sarnia-Bluewaterland and the Rotary Club of Sarnia-Lambton After-Hours are proud to partner together to raise money for "Accessible Playground and Community Hub" at Canatara Park.
One ticket will be drawn at the First Friday event at the Black Water Coffee Company at 7:00pm throughout 2019.  Each ticket is valid for ALL draws. 
For the $100 per ticket, winners will have three choices:
Option 1: Choice of one of two trips valued at $3000.00
Option 2: $2000.00 Maritime Travel Gift Certificate
Option 3: $1500.00 cash
A monthly consolation ticket draw will win $100.00.
Ticket sales for 2019 are now closed.  Thank you and good luck to all!
The winners to date are: 
Winner of the November 18 Early Bird draw for $500.00 was Vernon Chiles - ticket #721
Winner of the December 20 Early Bird draw for $1000.00 was Brenda Howes - ticket #1386
January Trip Winner                        Martha Young - ticket #168
$100 Cash Prize                               Dana Hadley - ticket #1352
February Trip Winner                      
$100 Cash Prize                                
March Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
April Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
May Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
June Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
July Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
August Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
Sept Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
Oct Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize 
Nov Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize
Dec Trip Winner 
$100 Cash Prize